Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ages do you treat?

I treat all ages.  I treat pregnant moms and their new born babies.  I treat toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors.  I love working with anyone and any age.

2. How do you describe what you do?

I am an acupuncturist and therefore I make a diagnosis based on findings in accordance with my training as a a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Then, I treat the patient with acupuncture and vibrational sound medicine and also with aroma and gem therapy.  I work with the Qi system of the body that runs along the electromagnetic grids of energy known as meridians.  The treatments are very powerful and very relaxing at the same time.

3. What is luxury wellness?

Luxury Wellness is a synthesis of clinical medicine and Spa therapies.  I hold a background in Natural Therapeutics.  I was trained at Le Pli Health Spa in Bostonand I worked as a practitioner there for four years providing all Spa services while working as an acupressure therapist.  I feel that healing emerges from the quiet places in our hearts and minds.  For me, healing is about stillness and change.  The heart craves stillness and from this place, all right action emerges.  Rosa Parks is a perfect example of this kind of action. In our lives we are presented with opportunities to change the world from our simple acts of justice. Wellness is linked to the heart.  This reminds us that healing is very complex.  It does not come in the form of a pill.  It emerges from the soul in harmony with all that is light and true.  The luxury is the return to the beauty that is the person in alignment with their destiny so that greater themes in their lives can emerge.

4. What does acupuncture treat? 

Acupuncture is not allopathic medicine.  It does not treat symptoms. It strives to find the root of the imbalance and thus, acupuncture treats all forms of pain and yet looks to restore that which is causing the pain: dampness, heat deficiency, stagnation, etc.  Acupuncture treats everything because it looks at each person as an individual. Is there too much yang? Is the spleen Qi deficient?  How is the Kidney Qi and Yin?  Is there stagnation of the Qi of the Liver?  As a patient, you will be educated about your physiology in a new way.  You will see yourself as a reflection of nature and the seasons: the world that moves through us, the Tao.  Many patients see me to prevent disease and imbalance.  They see me because they are well and want to stay well!

5. How long is a treatment and how much does it cost? 

Please refer to the “More Information” page for a complete cost and services list.  I do not work with insurance companies, but certainly you can submit your billing statements for reimbursement should you choose to do so!  I am not on insurance lists because my practice is word of mouth only, that is, I work with referrals from within the community of my practice.

6. How long have you been in practice?

*I’ve been in practice as an acupuncturist since 1997.   I am also a certified practitioner of Chinese Herbal medicine and I am an accomplished Western Herbalist as well.

7. What about your teaching?

Who do you teach and what do you teach them?
I teach Levels I – IV of the Acutonics training along with a three day class on the energetics of meridians and points.  To know more about Acutonics®, you can refer to the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing where I studied and received my teaching degree.  I teach anyone who is in the healing arts profession who wants to know more about the esoteric teachings such as ancient Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian and Taoist roots of medicine.  I bridge physics, astrology and ancient teachings in a very practical way.  We must stay on the edge of knowledge, especially in the field of medicine.  When we start looking at medicine as restoring the systems of the body that are vital and filled with light and life force, working in the etheric field along with the physical while addressing the eternal nature of the soul, only then are we encouraging healing on all levels.  Gems and precious stones and minerals placed on the charka system of the body combined with the amazing healing benefits of pure essential oils such as frankincense, rose, sandalwood, myrrh, lavender, chamomile and cedarwood allow for the cells and the soul to meet.  Here, the Tao is restored, allowing ailments to melt away in an atmosphere of quiet and comfort.

8. Where does music fit into what you do?

I am trained as a practitioner of the harmonic medicine known as Acutonics® which was developed by the former clinical dean of the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, Donna Carey.  We in this field believe that no time in history has been more ripe for an entirely new approach to medicine and healing.  The emergence of this field has been supported by rigorous and extensive research and case studies, proving over and over again the efficacy of applying musical frequencies into the meridian system.  Every cell in our body resonates with sound.  Every cell lives in a rhythmic dynamic in relation to all the other cells in the body, playing a kind of symphony that harmonizes our entire biology and physiology with this cosmological and cellular orchestra.  Taoists knew this.  It is indeed at the very foundation of all of the mystery teachings within the Taoist tradition.  The Egyptian mystery teachings also understood on a deep level some important principles indeed.  One such universal law simply states: “As above, so below”.  With this in mind, we begin to fully comprehend: that which manifests in the heavens finds its mirrored reflection on a microcosmic level in our cells.  In Acutonics® we work with these rich correspondences.  Through frequency we reach into the heavens to build a bridge between the cycles of the earth, moon, sun and planets to that which is in resonance with our biology.  The frequencies that are represented in the tuning forks of the Acutonics® healing system are based on a musical scale,  beginning with 136.10hz or C# also known in India as the Sadja note.  This music, the hum of the stars, has been known since ancient times as the music of the spheres.  Ningishzida who was later known as Thoth then Hermes, Plato, Master Yu, Pythagorus, Keplar, and Hildegard Von Bingen are individuals who we honor in this system as those who have held the torch for these teachings through-out history.  Again, these sounds, along with the Tibetan bowls and even the drum carry us back to our true nature while opening the reservoirs that store the infinite healing potential within us all.  Perhaps, and finally, the most important intention all of these forms of vibrational medicines: aroma and gem therapy, acupuncture, herbology and music, is that we heal from within with the right influences.

9. How do I set up an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, call 206-523-6987.  I will call you back within 24 hours unless you call on a weekend and then, expect a call back on Monday.

10. What if I want to take a class?  How do I register and how do I find out about classes?

You can visit or email me at for class schedule information.  I also have recent interviews and published articles and other descriptions of the essence of my work.

11. Where do you practice? 

I practice in Northeast neighborhood of Briarcrest in Shoreline, north of Seattle. If we mutually decide upon scheduling you for an appointment, then I’ll provide you with specific directions at that time.  My office is off the 145th St. exit from I5.

12. What motivates you to practice?

I’m here to energize people who are doing service in the world in their own positive ways.  I feel grateful to facilitate the greatness that my patients offer to this gorgeous world.