A balanced blend of healing therapies to choose from:

~One hour Acupuncture appointment: $65

A traditional Acupuncture appointment with Susan Wadden includes heat and moxa therapy, ancient cupping technique, and acupressure massage with Acupuncture. The Acupuncture needles used are refined Japanese Seirin, which are known for their painless insertion.

~1 hour Luxury Wellness treatment: $85
~90 minute Luxury Wellness treatment: $120
~2 hours of a relaxing Luxury Wellness treatment: $140

A “Luxury Wellness” session with Susan Wadden is a relaxing combination of the traditional acupuncture treatment above alongside precious gem and essential oils applied to points specific to your individual health needs, focused acupressure massage, sound harmonic therapy and flower essences to soothe the body and mind. Complete Chinese medical evaluation included.

Also offering:

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: $65 per appointment

Or if combined with an acupuncture or Luxury Wellness treatment: $30

Cupping, Heat and Acupressure Massage: $65

Herbal Consultation and Recommendation: $85

AcutonicsĀ® Sound Harmonics Therapy session: $85

We accept the following as payment for services:
VISA, MC, PayPal, Checks and Cash

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