Teaching Schedule

Susan is a delightful teacher who teaches with compassion, love and respect.  The class has many tangible applications for every acupuncturist. This course helps the acupuncturist to more deeply understand the bio-energetic nature of the body’s meridian system and teaches how to effectively access this energy.”   –Linda, student

Go to: www.acutonics.com for all class schedules or
Email Sue at suewadden@gmail.com for class schedule information

Tibetan Bowl & Drum Evening: clinical applications for all health practitioners

Tuition: $20
Affordable hand-pounded master healing bowls will be available for purchase at the class.

Acutonics One Day Introduction: Harmonic and Planetary Medicine

Tuition: $100
6 credits for NCCAOM and NCBTMB acquired for course

Acutonics: Level I through IV class schedule

Level One Classes: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics

Tuition for Washington classes: $425
24 c.e.u. credits for NCCAOM and NCBTMB acquired for each course

Level Two Classes: Higher Harmonics and the Inner Nature of Tone

Tuition for Washington classes: $425
24 credits for NCCAOM and NCBTMB acquired for each course

Acutonics Level III: Harmonic Attunement

Tuition for Washington classes: $525
32 credits for NCCAOM and NCBTMB acquired for each course

Acutonics Level IV: Advanced Harmonic Applications

Tuition for Washington classes: $485
24 credits for NCCAOM and NCBTMB acquired for each course

Energetics of Points and Meridians of Oriental Medicine

Tuition: $485
24 credits for NCCAOM and NCBTMB acquired for course

*All classes above will be taught in Shoreline, Washington unless otherwise noted.

Register in advance by contacting Susan via email or phone:suewadden@gmail.com | 206.523.6987

Go to www.acutonics.com to order tuning forks

Student Testimonials

Shannon:  “It was a gift to learn from a teacher who has so much knowledge of classical acupuncture.  I can now use tuning forks on my patients who prefer not to have needles.”

Colleen:  “Susan Wadden has demonstrated an infinite amount of helpful and insightful knowledge on the subject of sound applied to acupuncture meridians.”

Susanna:  “This is a great course with materials not only totally related to traditional Chinese medicine but also with lots of great information and material which will broaden and further expand the effectiveness of acupuncture.”

Joyce:  “The instructor has a deep knowledge of the subject and provided inspiration for further research.  I think this class would be valuable for all acupuncturists and should be included in the curriculum of acupuncture schools.”

Linda:  “The instructor has a broad range of knowledge of this subject and weaves together many diverse areas for greater comprehension and application.  I would encourage the Acupuncture Board of California to approve Level II so that we can can continue our studies in this badly needed and inspiring field of sound bioenergetics as applied to the practice of acupuncture.”

Lesli:  “I recommend this course to other acupuncturists who desire a deeper knowledge of healing.”

Asa:  “I had an incredible experience in this class.  The instructor had a very impressive depth of knowledge.  She was very talented in the way that she incorporated various methods so that we could absorb the material in a practical way.  I recommend this course to all acupuncturists.”

Dess:  “The impact of this class has provided me with a way of expanding my practice in Hawaii.  I have a deeper understanding of the meridians as well as being made aware of the art of creating a healing space for patients.  Sue is fabulous and articulate.  There was a lot of Aloha in this class.”

Ashley:  “This class felt fabulous to me.  It was so nice to come into a space where everything you feel is powerful and supported.  Then, in that environment, we learned this tool of using music which is something that will be valuable to me and to my patients.  Thank you, Sue.  Here in this class, I felt my knowledge expanding exponentially. After this class I even started my own paper writing service.”

Lila:  “The atmosphere that Sue created was conducive to learning.  She drew from various sources and then linked them tin a way that we as apprentices could understand.”

Tracy: “I loved this class.  Sacred information given in a sacred setting so that I could take it into the world and change reality.  What a wonderful gift.”

David: “Susan Wadden is an incredible teacher, healer, and practitioner.  The class was nourishing, educational and even therapeutic! She brings light and magic to a form of medicine that is already so rich with both…”

Marcia: “Susan is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.  I really enjoyed learning how to use the Tibetan bells and bowls.”

Kristen: “The time, space, information and rich delivery couldn’t have been more wondrous, expanding and fulfilling.  It has been truly a joyous experience: a profound dawning!  It is an honor to receive the wisdom for this medicine of the future as well as feel and share in the heart and soul of its limitlessness.  Susan has a poetic relationship with the moment and the sum of its whole.  She shines light into corners that set ancient wisdom dancing in the present.”

Lauren: “The instructor was magnificent.  I would most definitely want to take another class with Susan Wadden.”

Asa: “I would recommend this class to any health care professional.  The instructor was very impressive in her breadth and knowledge of the subject.”

Lesley: “This was a wonderful and joyous class with an enthusiastic teacher who knows her material and wishes to share her years of research and practical knowledge with others.”

Christina: “Sue not only gave excellent, knowledgeable instruction, she inspired us to ‘BE’ what we learn.  She gave us practical tips and suggestions for using this information and she instilled confidence in us.”