The Healing Path Begins Within

Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is a form of medicine that has diagnosed, treated and prevented illness for over twenty three centuries.  Finally, the Western world has begun to understand its exquisite potential.  Known for its ability to treat both acute and chronic conditions, it focuses on the prevention of disease by encouraging the body’s innate ability to heal. Oriental Medicine seeks to enhance the light and life force known as Qi in each individual.  Cultivating dignity and a sense of compassion, the Tao restores not only our health but our wellness which includes a peaceful heart and a vivid sense of purpose.

Your Treatment at Luxury Wellness

An acupuncture and acutonics® treatment begins with an interview that allows time for establishing a complete health history that represents the unique experience of each individual.  Diagnosis is based on findings of deficiencies, imbalances, excesses, and stagnation of elements such as qi and blood, yin and yang, essence and dampness: all concepts of traditional chinese medicine.  Then, while resting on the table, the patient is treated with essential oils and gem therapy, the harmonious deep tones of Tibetan bowls and the rich sounds of acutonics® and finally with acupuncture.


Acutonics® is a system of medicine that weaves together the practice of Oriental Medicine, Taoist philosophy and vibrational sound healing.  Tibetan bowls, tuning forks whose notes reflect the planets known as the music of the spheres, and Tibetan bells are placed on and above the body, offering each patient a profound sense of peace both in mind and heart.  Combined with acupuncture, this is a treatment beyond compare.  The spectrum of sounds held gracefully in the tools of Acutonics® helps create a bridge that connects the cells to the soul.